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    MCC5 Group Corporation Limited (Shanghai) (hereinafter referred to as MCC5 Shanghai) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China MCC5 Group Corp. Ltd. It is a large-size comprehensive enterprise integrating EPC business, steel structure & equipment fabrication, real estate development and project investment, and seeking simultaneous development in both domestic and international market. China MCC5 Group Corp. Ltd. is the only enterprise with double super-grade general contracting qualifications in Southwest China.

    MCC5 Shanghai owns many general contracting and special contracting qualifications including the First-Grade General Contracting Qualification for Metallurgical and Housing Projects, and Grade-A Qualifications for Architectural Engineering Design, as well as many other special qualifications for project quality inspection, surveying and mapping, real estate development, etc. In addition, it has passed the certification of ISO9000 Quality Management System, ISO14000 Environmental Management System and OHSA18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. It has also obtained the Safe Production Permit.

    Over the past more than 30 years, MCC5 Shanghai has quickly developed along with the development of the iron and steel industry in China. It has won more than 200 national and ministerial level prizes including 9 Luban Prizes and 8 National Excellent Quality Prizes; It has created 94 national patents, 3 national-level construction methods, 38 provincial-level and ministerial-level construction methods, 4 software copyrights, 1 work copyright, 57 provincial-level and ministerial-level scientific and technological achievements, 37 proprietary technologies of the industry with its coke oven project honored as the “Champion of Coke Oven in China”. It has gained the titles of National Excellent Construction Enterprise, National Trustworthy Enterprise, National Customer Satisfaction Construction Enterprise, National Excellent Enterprise for Quality Control and National Construction Enterprise with AAA Credit Rating; It ranked among the Top 30 Construction Enterprises of Shanghai, Top 100 Comprehensive Enterprises of Shanghai. It has been awarded the title of AAA Credit Rating Enterprise by banks for many consecutive years, making itself the leading force among metallurgical construction enterprises in China, .

    The annual turnover of MCC5 Shanghai is nearly 7 billion RMB. It has 34 branches or subsidiaries currently with a work-staff of 3442 employees including 2465 managing personnel, and 712 operating workers; about 40% of its technicians possess medium or above level technical titles.

    Adhering to the corporate core value of “Cooperate with the Customers, Repay the Shareholders, Bring Chances to the Employees and Make Contribution to the Society”, the corporate spirit of “Devotion, Loyalty, Unity and Enterprising”, and the management philosophy of “Corporate Integrity and Customers’ Satisfaction”, we hereby assure you that your choice of MCC5 Shanghai will bring you the first-class technologies, services and products, as well as the fastest return and maximum profits of your investments.

    copyright ? 2012-2019 MCC5 Group Corporation Limited(Shanghai) All rights reserved.
    ADDRESS: No.2501 Tieli Road Baoshan District Shanghai
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